HOPE consortium has actively participated in building network and knowledge sharing with international partners. This work will continue, and collaboration strengthened together with Business Finland, Foreign Ministry of Finland, and Team Finland services.

Aim is to share information and lessons learned on how to build a low-carbon district heating system for the future and to facilitate discussion on the topic.  Active collaboration between companies, cities, universities, and research institutions are all needed for successful transformation of the energy system.

Emerging opportunities for district energy in Ireland

Commitment of the Irish government to reduce greenhouse emissions and move to a climate neutral economy by 2050 will spur investment into sustainable technologies. One important sector in achieving the goal is energy and its subsidiary, heating.

Two local district heating projects in Dublin that will be used to benchmark further district energy development in Ireland. The first operational pilot project in Tallaght, Co Dublin utilises the waste heat from an Amazon data centre. The district heating technology in the project is provided by a Finnish company, which means Finnish companies may have a competitive advantage in future district heating projects.